Sunday, February 10, 2013

The World We Live In...

Hello all those lovely people out there! I wish you all for a very pleasant day from the bottom of my heart! May today be one of those days that you will get involved in a long lasting relationship that will make your path towards happiness and joy!

Ok. Since you are here and since you are and going through this post, I assume that you might be interested in the topic of my blog which I’m going to discuss now on. Sometimes you might have already understood this; 'Relationship Issues' is one of the topics which is mostly concerned and widely discussed all over the world by now. Over the past decade, researches have found out that 90% of the people living in the modern society have an emotional part in their personalities that leaves an effect on their entire life per fifteen hours a day as an average.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Understanding 'Relationship'

Hi again! I'm so glad to see someone willingly participating in this discussion. As I have already discussed in my previous post, I'm thinking to build up this blog, step by step, deeper in to the topic of 'Relationship issues'. This is not a simple task I must say. Trying to address most of the areas covered under this topic is not easy for me. So if you ever get to find any faults or any facts that I have missed regarding the topic, please be kind enough to let me know and help me to produce a good output towards you all.

Today, by this post, I'm thinking to build up a good foundation for this blog. Since our topic is mainly concentrated around Relationship Issues and Solutions for them, there is this something that we all must understand first. And that special something would be, 'what does a relationship really mean?'  Do you have any idea about that?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Varieties of Relationships

Hello guys! Hope you all are doing great! Today I'm going to discuss another important subtopic of this blog. This one holds its unique importance since this subtopic will make us able to discuss further and deeper into details regarding our main topic - "Relationship Issues".

As you have already seen in post heading, today we will try to categorise and simplify all the relationships out there into few subcategories. You all know that there are so many relationship varieties that we meet in our daily life. Here I’m going to take them as a whole and divide them under few topics, so I can take them one by one in future post and dig in for more details. Here again, I kindly ask you all to forgive me for my mistakes. If you can point out any detail that I've missed, it would be greatly appreciated and I will correct myself according to your ideas.